The Story Behind Cavu

Cavu is here to empower the everyday shopper, by providing honest information about your favorite purchases. With that knowledge you will be able to make shopping decisions that are right for you and you’re family – decisions that you can feel good about.

Cavu Ratings Information

Cavu uses both proprietary and third party data to form our rating system. These ratings are based on the environmental and social impact that products have throughout its entire life-cycle. Simplifying a highly complex and fragmented market – one filled with countless certifications and mixed message marketing.

Shop Mindfully

Now you, the consumer, only has to look for one thing – our logo.

Know Your Products

Easily seeing and understanding what a product and company are doing to the environment and the people involved will allow you to feel good about your purchases.

Shop Smart. Save Money

Together we can make difference.
A true impact.