The Story Behind Cavu

Cavu is here to empower the everyday shopper, by providing honest information about your favorite purchases. With that knowledge you will be able to make the shopping decisions that are right for you and your family - not to mention you can save money in the process when you choose to purchase items with a high Cavu score!

Cavu Ratings Information

Cavu uses third party data from our trusted partner to form our Cavu ratings for products. These ratings are based on the total environmental and social impact a product has throughout its life-cycle. For the first time ever, shoppers can now have transparency to which products are the more sustainable choice.

Search Products

Cavu supplies an extensive database of fashion and home goods items, that allows you to browse all your favorite brands in one place.

Compare Ratings

Now you have the power, with transparent information on all of your favorite products, so you can make informed decisions for you and your family.

Shop Smart. Save Money

Easily purchase your chosen products, and receive special offers and discounts from retailers when you purchase certain Cavu rated products.